Skill Development Program

Argaav Innovative Training Solutions

(Wing of Argaav Healthcare Pvt. Ltd)

 NextGen Training Partner to fill the gap between academics and career needs.


More than 70% of the students fail to identify their forte!

    More than 40% of the aspirants end up in dissatisfied jobs!

Argaav Training Solutions provides assistance to the students and career aspirants with skill development courses at global standards with an Innovative Integrated Training & Development (T&D) Program.

Our innovative T&D program is imparted during academic period of the students at their respective institutions. This T&D continues further as an expert guidance process throughout their career progression even after their graduation.

This is a customized training with skill detection and enhancement. Argaav is a single platform for all career needs.

Our Approach:

Argaav taps the abilities of the aspirants and enables them to master their skill sets.

Argaav offers:

  • Customized trainings and hands-on experience
  • Mentoring by industry experts
  • Training on Soft skills, Client focus attributes, Business communications
  • EQ & IQ trainings to enable students for competitive exams.
  • Trouble shooting in career growth

Our customized Innovative T&D results in:

  • Excellence in career
  • Saves cost and time
  • No more confused freshers waiting helplessly in the career paths
  • Career growth at a faster pace
  • Work life balance
  • Expert guidance at every level of one’s career path
  • Added advantage to institutions for their global recognition and accreditation

Our extended Solutions for Healthcare and Life-sciences industry professionals:

  • Customized soft skills training and workshops
  • Customized Leadership training programs
  • Seminars on trending topics in Pharmacy/Medicine
  • Career readiness programs as per current industry needs
  • Counselling programs for students to choose right career path
  • Continuing Pharmacy/Medical education programs
  • Workshops on Content Writing: Abstracts, Articles, Journals, Newsletters, SOP’s, Protocols, Thesis etc.

The knowledge pool team of Argaav Training Solutions is comprised of dedicated, skilled, and experienced Physicians, Pharma and Life science professionals with years of industry/corporate experience in their fields.

All the courses are designed as per the industry needs and standards for career readiness and excellence!

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